Heart Sent Messages provides amazing and enjoyable Psychic and Mediumship public events. We can organise an evening’s show for any size audience from a large hotel theatre to a public house and a small restaurant.
Do you ever have to find different types of entertainment for your company or want to plan an extraordinary private party for friends and family?

Then try a Psychic night with lots of fascinating moments and fun. Heart Sent Messages can deliver a different type of evening’s entertainment.

Heart Sent Messages owned by Colin and Annette Blann, through their many contacts in the Spiritual community can offer top rate Psychics and Mediums for demonstrations in East Dorset, South Wiltshire, Hampshire and West Sussex. If you have a social club and want to give your members something unusual then why not one of our shows.

We can also arrange one to one tarot card and Spiritual readings on a one to one basis where your members and guests can receive a private sitting before, during or after the event in another room.

Corporate events

Psychic Corporate Events — A unique and fun way to attract new leads and clients! We also feel a fantastic way of showing your appreciation for a hardworking and successful workforce.

Our Psychic/mediums give positive, uncontroversial readings about peoples’ general life. All we need is a private area with just a table and two chairs or the facilities to mix with a small or large group of your clients

Whatever your requirements we can be flexible. If you feel it a good idea we cam mingle during the event stopping and giving Psychic messages or we can join a table if food is being eaten and give random Psychic readings to those sat there.

Heart Sent Messages primarily want to entertain and astound your guests bringing them fun and laughter and adding that something special and different to your evening. Timings can be agreed with us staying just for an hour or the whole night. We have found that a Psychic/medium situated at your stand or table at any exhibition could attract more prospective clients to your pitch.

If you hold a works party for your staff for any reason then we could form a part of the evening’s entertainment before the singing and dancing begin. We feel this to be highly motivational and shows your appreciation for all their efforts to work well and increase your profits. We all know that a happy workforce performs better that an unhappy one.

EU Law states that all psychic / medium readings are for entertainment purposes only.