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You are most welcome to our website and we hope you find it of interest.
Please contact us for anything you want, or need to know, about Spiritualism.
You have clicked on to our website because you have a NEED, such that once you have realised it you must investigate to find out.
What greater want is there to find out about life and death. What happens after death? Why are we here?

Our belief section gives you a bigger picture on this subject we love and are so passionate about. However Spiritualism is a vast subject with many questions. More questions than answers. We find when a question is answered two or three more questions spring up. They call it a thinking man’s religion although we feel that a better way of calling it is a MOVEMENT and a WAY OF LIFE.
You are all Free Spirits and can follow your own beliefs that you can accept. All Spiritualists will say that the word Opinions should replace the word Answers. However the only way you will personally believe in it is if something happens to YOU and that is why HEART SENT MESSAGES is here now to enlighten, uplift you and promote love and Spirituality.